How To Carbonite Restore To A New Computer

In The Event Of A Computer Crash Heres How To Restore To A New Computer

Restoring files from Carbonite online backup is something that you hope you never have to do, but if you do, it is nice to know that you can. Your important computer files can be lost due to a number of different reasons, and if they are, restoring them with Carbonite, really couldn’t be easier.carbonite restore

You can transfer your current Carbonite subscription if your computer crashes or if you get a new computer to replace an old one. After you transfer your subscription, you can download your backed up files.

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Carbonite can only be transferred to computers with the same platform (e.g. Windows operating systems to Windows operating systems). Currently, you cannot transfer your subscription from a Windows computer to a Mac computer or vice versa.

Note: Carbonite only restores your backed up user-created data. Your programs must be manually reinstalled using their original installation discs.

Here are the steps:

1.On your new computer, you will first need to reinstall Carbonite, which will only take a few moments. Once you have done that, you can then log onto your Carbonite account using your secure user name and password which you will have already previously set up with Carbonite.

2.Click the Move my Subscription link for the appropriate computer’s backup.

Choose between the following two options:

Move my subscription and start a new backup – This option will install Carbonite on your new computer and begin a new backup. Any files that were selected for backup on the old computer and not restored to the new computer will be removed from the backup within 30 days. Once the installation completes please ensure that you select files to be included in your backup. Pro Tip: When your Carbonite ends make sure you get an offer code from the team at Tech coupon code and save up to 30% this year.

In order to assist you with restoring all of your files back to your computer, move my subscription and transfer my files – This option will transfer your Carbonite subscription over to your new computer and launch the Restore Manager. You can also selectively restore individual files and folders instead of restoring all of your files but please note that any files that were selected for backup on the old computer and not restored to the new computer will be removed from the backup 30 days after you start backing up again. We recommend temporarily configuring automatic Windows Updates to prevent interruptions and reduce the overall restore time, before starting long restores.

3.After you have made your selection, Click the Download now button to download the Carbonite setup file. When the download completes, click the file to run it.

There is a known issue with Windows incorrectly tagging the Carbonite installer in Internet Explorer as corrupt or unsupported. Mark the checkbox in the Windows pop-up message you receive stating you understand the risk and want to run this app if you come across this message when running the Carbonite installer.

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